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Innovations in Air Products to Upgrade Your Comfort!

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Ed McBrienEd McBrien

Time and again we are impressed with the high-quality repair and maintenance team from Superior. They show up on time, get the job done, and carry themselves with professionalism. That combination of skill and culture is hard to build and tough to keep. Last night we were in need of an "emergency" service call and Lane did a fantastic job. He quickly figured out the issue and came up with a temporary repair that will more than suffice until the required replacement part arrives. Great work...great attitude...very grateful.

Maria PetersMaria Peters

I had a new AC installed in early July. I called the office thinking it would take a few days to make a service call. Nixon arrived within an hour and spent almost 2 hours trying to repair my unit. When it was clear it was useless (I followed him around), we arranged for a quote for the next day. We arrived at a fair price- no high pressure or up-selling techniques. The installation team was superb. Arrived on time, respectful, efficient, protective cloths on the floor throughout, and not a speck of dust left in the house. I would highly recommend this company for repairs, installation and repairs. Kudos to Jason and his team.

Patricia OtisPatricia Otis

Superior is clearly superior. We have a geothermal system so must be careful who we use to repair and maintain it (many companies say they are trained for geothermal but not all are and we learned, the hard way, what damage they can do). Erik, spent time analyzing our three system set up, took pictures of our equipment, made necessary repairs, cleaned everything and made some recommendations regarding a noisy part of the system installed by a previous firm.

Subsequently we needed one heat pump replaced. Superior workers came on time, removed the old equipment and installed the new one, with new duct work. The installation location, up a pull down ladder, in a crawl space, was not easy. They did a great job, going above and beyond our expectations (even returning the next day to re-install and re-secure the ladder and pull down hatch cover). Throughout what could have been a very messy and destructive process they worked professionally and efficiently. The new system is quieter, cleaner and less expensive to run.

Superior is easy to contact, follows up with appointment reminders and provides detailed documentation on new installations as well as every maintenance visit. They could not be any easier to work with. We feel extremely fortunate to have chosen Superior and are so impressed with Erik’s knowledge, abilities and thoroughness. Working with Erik and Superior we no longer have to worry about our heating and AC - we know we are in good hands. Thank you Superior and long may you continue your most superior service!