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    Pat & Jay MartinezPat & Jay Martinez

    We have been a highly satisfied Superior Services customer since 2013. They have troubleshooted and serviced our HVAC system and solar panel, and kept it operating effectively.

    What continues to impress us about Superior Services is how easy it is to contact them; how quickly they are able to come to our house to diagnose and service a problem with our HVAC unit, and the caliber of the people they employ. It is rare these days to find a service provider that has a staff of friendly and motivated people who are genuinely focused on delighting their customers. Superior Services has repeatedly been able to diagnose situations quickly, and then make the changes needed to get our HVAC system back in operation quickly.

    We would encourage you to consider Superior Services as a vital service provider for your HVAC and home services.

    Holly ShumwayHolly Shumway

    Exceptional service and professionalism! We were in the middle of a hot spell and our AC system went out. The Staff and technicians were super responsive and worked diligently to replace our system. They were amazing every step of the way; being sensitive to Covid 19 mandates, Repairing an old fan to help our unit operate until our new system arrived, cleaning up and carrying away old equipment, protecting our floors and carpets, and being on time! I highly recommend Superior Services! They were thorough and performed exceptionally! We loved the follow up inspection too! Thanks everyone for a job well done!

    E MenendezE Menendez

    They did a superb job. All working perfectly and with a discount!!